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Kid Friendly Tours

DAY 1/2

Arrival - Lungi Airport

Arrive in Lungi, Sierra Leone International Airport.

Go through airport formalities and transfer from the airport to the Sea Coach. 

An escort will meet and greet you at the airport and help you with your luggage and board the SeaCoach to Freetown. 

A small greet and meet upon check in.

DAY 2/3


Breakfast will be served between 8-10 am.  A local seamstress will take measurements for your Ashobi clothing to be worn on our final night together.

Freetown City Tour
Afterwards, depart for a sightseeing tour of Freetown.  You will drive through the administrative and economic districts of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

This 230-year-old city has a blend of colonial and modern architecture that summarize her history. We will have a walking guided tour visiting historical landmarks such as the Cotton Tree which served as a meeting place for the liberated Africans, Sierra Leone National Museum, King Tom Yard.

We will end the day’s tour at the centre of town where you will have an opportunity to use your bargaining skills to shop at Big market for artifacts from Salone and other countries in West Africa.

Evening – Dinner will be served in the hall afterwards a griot will answer any questions you may have and give a brief history of Sierra Leone. An opportunity to learn more about Sierra Leone culture or simply talk to each other and share information about the experiences you are having on the tour. (This activity will be led by the tour guide).

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner*

DAY 3/4

KeKe Tour/ Old Fourah Bay College

After breakfast, we will take one of the popular local means of transportation as we sightsee various tourist attractions at Hill Station and Brookfields. 

The tour will finish by car driving through the historic Cline Town known as the oldest known settlement founded by liberated slaves, we will visit the railroad museum from there we will have a guided tour to Old Fourah Bay College one of the first colleges in Western Africa, founded February 18, 1827.   

Return to the lodge for dinner. 

 After dinner, a shuttle will leave the lodge for anyone interested in the Night life of Freetown. You can listen to a live local band, try your luck at the casino or just sit on the beautiful Lumley beach watching the waves.  


Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch*

DAY 4/5

Krio Village tour/ Tokeh Beach - Footprint tour

After the abolishment of slavery, the liberated settlers were free to set up their villages without the fear of being re-enslaved. The areas they settled in, include: Waterloo, Tombo, Kent and York.


We will take a scenic guided tour through these four communities and learn about the footprints left by the early settlers; all whilst learning the importance of these villages during and after slavery was abolished alongside their present-day activities.  We will conclude the tour relaxing at Tokeh Beach where we will have lunch and swim if you choose.


Dinner – We will be entertained by the cultural dancer of Sierra Leone they will perform a melodrama, and cultural dances of course they will be looking for volunteers.

Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch *

After breakfast, we will visit one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sierra Leone – Tacugama the chimpanzee sanctuary. We will briefly visit the tragic site of the 2017 mudslide believed to be caused by deforestation. 

Our group will give back and participate in the mayor of Freetown’s signature program Freetown/Treetown.  

Dinner – We will be entertained by the cultural dancer of Sierra Leone they will perform a melodrama, and cultural dances of course they will be looking for volunteers


Meals Included: Breakfast and Dinner. *

DAY 5/6


Do Whatcha Like/Festive Farewell Dinner

DAY 7/8

Free day.  Just be back in time for dinner. Our last night together will be full surprises and fun, we wear our ashobi garments to promote unity and enjoy a special performer with the initials of M.J.  to join in our festive mood.

Meals Included: Breakfast and Dinner *

Our journey will begin by taking a boat ride to Bunce Island to embark on a journey that you will not soon forget.

First, we will visit the infamous Bunce Island Castle fortified in 1670 by English settlers. Bunce Island was the largest British slave castle on the Rice Coast.  You will learn about the strong ties to America because of the rice cultivation skills of the locals they were in high demand in South Carolina and Georgia.

During this guided tour you will walk through final transit point for a large number of enslaved Africans. The heroic stories of those who witnessed the atrocities at Bunce Island and went to London to join the Black poor crusade or the story of John Newton whose time spent at Bunce led to the writing a portion of the infamous Amazing Grace.


We will leave Bunce Island heading to Tasso Island to have lunch.  Tasso island was one of the first slave fortress in Sierra Leone.  After lunch we will head back to Freetown.

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch *

DAY 6/7

Bunce Island & Tasso Island

Farewell; Until We Meet Again

DAY 8/9

After breakfast, prepare to be transferred to the SeaCoach. 

The Sea Coach will take you directly to the Freetown Lungi Airport

DAY 9/10

Welcome Home!

*Please note if your flight originates in United States it is normally a two-day plane ride.  Your tour will begin Day 2.

Return Home

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