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Multi-day tours

Guided walking, KeKe and bus tours that allow you to experience localhistory, culture, beautiful beaches, shopping, and cuisine over a 7-day span.

Historical Day Tours

Our history expeditions are designed to provide an in-depth and hands-on experience to explore the area. Choose from a variety of destinations and visit locations where historical milestones tour guides lead the way deep into the stunning World.

Gola Rainforest

Let one of our passionate tour guides lead the way deep into the stunning Gola Rainforest, be amazed at the breathtaking views, magnificent waterfalls, ancient trees and the unique wildlife you'll see along your unforgettable adventure.

Hiking and Camping

Sierra Leone houses some of the highest mountains found in West Africa.Tiwai Island is home to the elusive pygmy hippo and several other species.Hiking provides time for reflection and can be very relaxing. Walking is good

exercise and is a good way for families to spend quality time. Learning and sharing along the way makes for a very enjoyable outing

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