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"If you only hear one side of the story, you have no understanding at all." Chinua Achebe


Located on the expansive Atlantic Ocean, Sierra Leone is a remarkable country with spectacular hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From the bustling city of Freetown to the beautiful beaches of Tokeh and Bunce Island, the country is endowed with natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.


Sadly, this magnificent country is often overlooked as a travel destination due to mainstream perceptions around safety and poverty. However, Sierra Leone is rapidly emerging as a top travel destination in Africa, and Salone Hidden Gems Travel and Tours is here to show you exactly why!


We offer unique travel experiences that showcase the best of what Sierra Leone has to offer. We tell the other side of the story – the one that includes the fascinating history, the stunning landscapes, and the friendly people that make Sierra Leone a hidden gem.


We believe that travel should be about connection, not just destination. That's why our tours are designed to create opportunities for our guests to connect with the people and places they visit. We want our guests to come away from their experience with us feeling like they've made lasting connections and a lifetimes of memories.


We provide customized tours that are tailored to your specific interests, whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, or a combination of both. From 7-day guided walking, KeKe, and bus tours, and culture-filled historical day tours to exploring the depths of the breath-taking Gola Rainforest and hiking or camping in some of the highest mountains in West Africa, there is no limit to the enriching experiences that are found in every corner of our vibrant and dynamic country.


Our founder, Dori, moved to Sierra Leone with her husband, Stafford, in 2019 when they took over the day-to-day management of Stafford Lodge - a 15-room lodge based in downtown Freetown. Dori initially thought that the hotel would attract business travellers but she quickly realized that there were an increasing number of backpackers visiting the lodge who were curious about Sierra Leone and wanted to see more of the country beyond Freetown.


After a trip to Bunce Island, Dori was amazed at the depth of history that was unknown to many, and felt compelled to not only learn everything she could about her new home but to share the wonders of Sierra Leone with the world too. She founded Salone Hidden Gems Travel and Tours in order to show visitors the other side of Sierra Leone – the one that is often hidden from view. The sandy-white beaches, the thundering waterfalls, the verdant rainforests, the cultural diversity, and the friendly people that make Sierra Leone the ultimate hidden gem.


Whether you're planning your first trip to Sierra Leone or you're a seasoned traveller looking for an authentic and unique experience, we would love to show you a side of our country that you never knew existed.


Get in touch with us today to start planning your dream Sierra Leone vacation!


Update – August 2, 2021, Dori received her MatriClan test

( result which determined that she shares maternal

genetic ancestry with Mende people in Sierra Leone today.

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